Tamar Kander

“I am intrigued with translating my experiences into evocative universal forms or symbols by using color, tone, texture and markings”


Price range: $2,900 to $7,900


Tamar Kander sees her non-objective paintings as visual metaphors for experience; there are layers and layers of literal as well as figurative substance to each of her works. The artist’s rich background includes growing up in Israel and South Africa, where she received her BA in Fine Arts. She studied art on scholarship in Italy before moving to the UK and pursuing a double master’s degree in Fine Art and Art Therapy at the University of London. In New York she attended the Art Students League and worked on printmaking before, after several years in Manhattan, she moved to the Midwest, where she has lived on a lake with her artist husband for years.

The genesis of each mixed media painting by Tamar Kander lies in sketches, notes and diagrams found in notebooks, on scraps of paper or her studio walls. Kander begins each of her depth-filled paintings by texturing her canvas surface. She utilizes whatever is at hand that inspires inclusion, from floor sweepings to ticket stubs, maps or fabric, elements that may hardly be visible in the finished work but that provide the backdrop from which to launch her inspiration. Tamar Kander then allows her considerable skill to support her inner vision. “The ability to draw is necessary for an abstract artist,” she says, even as she also notes that “if you can get the mind out of the way, the spirit and the body can work together.” For Tamar Kander, any mental constraint or intention can halt the creative process.

“I am intrigued with translating my experiences into evocative universal forms or symbols by using color, tone, texture and markings,” she explains. A variety of layered materials, including powdered gesso, cold wax, dry-wall compound, acrylic medium, marble dust, inks, graphite and oils, and other miscellany, work together to create Kander’s compositions, works that are complete only when she has experienced them in different settings as well as upside down.

“Although primarily non-representational,” Tamar Kander notes, “my work is influenced by landscape and architectural symbols, and our relationship to these factors. I attempt to expose the beauty hidden in the so-called mundanity of everyday life.”

The mixed media paintings of Tamar Kander are represented in museum and corporate collections both in North and South America, as well as Europe and South Africa. Her work is included in numerous private collections nationally and internationally.