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Richard bruland

"I am interested in making paintings that refer to landscape in a most non-specific way. "


Price range: $1,950 to $8,400

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Richard Bruland

Contemporary artist Richard Bruland is interested in making paintings that refer to landscape in a most non-specific way. His works suggest the effects of nature and the real world in a way that is unique and accessible to each viewer. Atmosphere, light, color and shadow are elements of nature that people everywhere experience and by eliminating the specific, Bruland’s paintings can help re-connect the viewer to their own memories, emotions and experiences.

Richard Bruland was born in Lima, Peru and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. He attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated from California Institute of the Arts in Valencia. 

His lifelong interest of music led Bruland to open California’s Bebop Records and Fine Art in the early 1980s. It was a record store/art gallery/performance place that became one of the best known small venues in Los Angeles in the ‘80s. Performers such as Los Lobos, Lucinda Williams and Beck graced its stage while artists such as Raymond Pettibon were granted early shows at the gallery. In 1990 Richard Bruland closed Bebop to concentrate on his own painting. In 2007 California State University, Northridge, established an archive on Bebop which includes over 1000 hand-made posters Bruland made for the store. 

Using only traditional methods and materials to produce his paintings, Richard Bruland strives to draw people in. He thinks of his paintings in landscape terms - though they are structurally abstract. With a focus on the transition from light to dark, which infers his sense of place, Richard Bruland places primary importance on clarity and a compelling use of color. For the artist it is all these elements that help him achieve a certain psychological edge in every painting.