Randall LaGro

"I'm striving to address the everyday guy as well as painters, poets and philosophers"


Price range: $375 to $15,000




With a growing list of dedicated collectors, Randall LaGro plumbs the depths of his own intuition to create contemporary paintings of remarkable intimacy – no matter their size. You want to look, and look again, at a LaGro painting as your eye finds veiled images beneath layers of paint; human and animal forms may appear or recede before abstract elements of interwoven texture. The slightest detail observed can change your interpretation of these subtly complex, often mysterious and surrealistic paintings.

For Randall LaGro the very first strokes or washes of paint contain the key to what will follow: A genesis of un-sketched detail emerges from this initial color to inform the direction of a painting. From here the seed of a concept grows until elements of the artist's experience and technique are called upon to bring a new contemporary painting to fruition. LaGro prefers washes and fast, expressionistic strokes, occasionally working sand or mica into the paint, often impressing patterns into wet paint with lace or linen, or "drawing" on the canvas with one of his myriad tools.

Another showcase for Randall LaGro's insight and craftsmanship are the enigmatic monotypes he produces – images painted onto a plate of glass and transferred with great skill onto a single sheet of paper. Remarkably detailed, these contemporary monotypes are produced while working fast and completely intuitively.

In all of Randall LaGro's work there is a metaphorical interplay of conscious and unconscious levels of reality. "I'm striving to address the everyday guy as well as painters, poets and philosophers," LaGro says. In this he succeeds. His expressions of rawness and heart create an elusiveness into which each viewer has to bring his own experience.

Randall LaGro's work can be found in collections across the country. His surrealistic contemporary paintings can be seen in the 2014 book Contemporary Art of the Southwest by E. Ashley Rooney and Julie Sasse.