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Nina scott-hansen

"There's nothing in nature that scares me."


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Nina Scott-Hansen 

"There's nothing in nature that scares me," states artist Nina Scott-Hansen and it is that symbiotic point-of-view that animates each one of the creatures she welds in steel
Of Norwegian descent, Nina Scott-Hansen grew up in Denmark, the U.S. and Norway where she began her formal art training, working primarily in mixed media. Always, it was textures that intrigued her: the old iron hinges on Scandinavian doors; scraps of iron, whether rusted and rough or smooth and new, struck her as rich and elemental. By the late 1980's her work in textured collages had changed into a complete devotion to the artistry of welded steel.
Sculptures by Nina Scott-Hansen are not quiet; each piece is alive with animation, whether serious or playful they are always accessible. Her strong-legged birds, carbonized to achieve their rich blackness, were not meant to be one specific kind of bird. With rakish beaks and masses of feathers (each one an individual piece of welded-on steel) the birds simply evolved naturally into their ultimate forms.  
The work of Nina Scott-Hansen has been exhibited from Arizona, Colorado, Rhode Island and Maine to Oslo and Smestad, Norway.