Gould, MGD130, Movement of Light;Arcadian #955, p.JPG

mark gould

"The viewer is usually able to identify my subject(s) to a certain degree - figure, landscape, still-life, etc. - but I always take risks in technique and design and handling the materials in order to push beyond a strictly realistic image. "


Price Range: $995 to $10,800


Mark Gould is perhaps best known for his gorgeous continuing series, “My Neighbor’s House,” a dazzling exploration of the American dream. His restless brush has also created still lifes, figure studies, and landscapes, and he recently embarked on a series of western landscapes. Mark Gould says that each genre, each piece, offers him the chance to experiment with the five formal elements of painting: line, form, mass, texture, and color. However, signature qualities shine through in all his work: a fearless, virtuosic use of color, an expansive feeling of space and freedom, and bravura surfaces ranging from a mirror gloss to roughly built-up to rhythmically incised (to lend texture to his grass and hay).

Born and raised in the rural heartland of America, Mark Gould recalls drawing incessantly, but without access to art classes, until he attended college. On the verge of failing his initial semester he took his first art/design class, at the end of which both he and his instructor knew art should be his major. After graduating from the University of Iowa, Mark Gould worked in residential construction, became a general contractor and eventually fabricated tradeshow exhibitions. As assistant manager of the traveling exhibition program at a major museum he acquired a lasting appreciation for the sacredness of the objects people made. This appreciation inspired Gould in his own art-making and in his continued studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Denver Art Students League, and the University of New Mexico. Within three years of beginning to show his work publicly, in 1986, he gained representation by major galleries.

The last few years have been marked by extraordinary growth and fruitfulness for Mark Gould. It’s been years of daredevil experimentation, dramatic maturation, and growing recognition, as well as satisfaction in finding that his work has struck a chord in collectors and art lovers around the world.

Paintings by Mark Gould are now held in private and public collections internationally. He has participated in numerous one-man shows and group exhibitions. In 2010 the prestigious Gilcrease Museum presented Mark Gould with the Williams Award for best of show in painting at the annual Collectors’ Reserve invitational exhibition.