The purpose of my art is to show a relationship between materials. The interaction, the embracement, having each enhance the importance of the other.

Price Range: $2,400 - $12,500

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jeremy Firehammer

The first art pieces that Jeremy Firehammer sold were paper assemblages. He liked the process, but wanted his works to be more permanent, like ruins or architecture, so he traded paper for stone. And wood. He describes the pieces he creates today as “intimate architecture” and they bear the mark of his early influences.

Firehammer began his studies in architecture at The Design School at Arizona State University where, ultimately, his professors thought him more suited to fine arts due to his "breaking the rules " philosophy. His was a creativity that began early, fostered by weekend art lessons from his great aunt, a professional artist. During middle school when his family moved next door to a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Michigan, Firehammer would shovel the home’s driveway of snow in the winter and clear leaves in autumn. It gave him time to decide that there was something quite different about the structure and it was then that architectural school became his first focus.

His shift into fine art retained this initial passion. “I wanted to create an object that had more of a design element to it; that came from the love of architecture,” Firehammer notes. He is still using traditional building materials and, as he adds, “Being influenced by mid-century architecture, [my] work focuses on clean lines, shape and form. The role of light, the impact of environment, each have great importance. My materials are predominantly stone and wood, used in their natural color, but manipulated to appear as something other. Shaping slate to resemble steel, carving limestone to look like cast concrete…. The purpose of my art is to show a relationship between materials. The interaction, the embracement, having each enhance the importance of the other.”

Firehammer’s work is presented in a variety of forms: free standing sculpture, wall sculpture and functional works meant to be interacted with. Each provides a different perspective for the viewer and a different challenge to Firehammer. He keeps to a fairly structured work schedule, working in his studio roughly six hours every weekday and a bit less on weekends, with materials that make his creation process quite a physical one. What appear to be solid pieces of stone are often sheets or slabs of stone wrapped around interior wood structures, fixed together through the use of bevel joints, to create the look of a single piece of stone – an elegant process that allows finished works to be of far more manageable weight. With necessary curing times, Firehammer usually has two to three works in process at once with each piece requiring a couple of weeks in total to complete.

Jeremy Firehammer has been juried into the premier art events Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale (AZ), SOFA Chicago (IL) and Context Art Miami (FL).