Beautiful Memories, 54x96inches, Handmade Paper..JPG

Jeong & Choon Yun


Price range: $1,100-$18,000

ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Jeong and Choon Yun

Artists Jeong and Choon Yun are master paper makers, husband and wife, who have joined the considerable talents and experience that each represents to produce a singular artform. In an inspired amalgam of ancient Asian papermaking techniques and modern Western abstraction, the Yuns create works of mesmerizing texture and composition.

Jeong Han earned his BFA and MFA in painting at Kemyung University in South Korea and served as a professor there for many years before moving to the U.S. and earning a second MFA in print-making at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Choon Hyang also earned her BFA in painting at Kemyung University, became an instructor of handicraft at Hanam City Library and owned the Purun Art Academy in South Korea. Each of the Yuns were highly recognized artists in their homeland.

It was their joining of forces to create their current body of work that has allowed Jeong and Choon Yun to convey unique and powerful artistic expressions. Long interested in art materials and having spent endless amounts of time researching and experimenting, they now put their own mark on a process that traces back close to 2,000 years. Han-ji, Korean paper making, is created from bark harvested from year-old dak (mulberry) trees, a bark which regenerates each year. The Yuns, committed to their creative process from beginning to end, pay farmers in South Korea to keep dak forests intact and they travel back to Korea each year to gather the bark themselves. This before their arduous task of steaming and processing the pulp. When satisfied they ship this organic, all-natural material to their U.S. location to continue the creative process.

They make molded screens from non-pigmented pulp; this, when dry, serves as the substrate for their works. Natural pigments are added to smaller batches of pulp to create the colors which will be used in their final works. This allows them to work with layers of pulp, in varying thicknesses and design. It is, for the Yuns, a joyful, albeit laborious, process which demands the utmost patience. It allows their modern expressions to connect with a most ancient Asian history.

It is the very process of harvesting material themselves directly from nature and expressing it in an all-natural state as abstract artwork which satisfies their goals of artistic expression. Their offering to the viewer is a visceral experience of home. Not perhaps a literal “home,” but a yearning for origin. For Jeong and Choon, childhoods spent surrounded by plants, dirt, trees, wind, insects, wild flowers, and mountains are only memories, their hometowns having been supplanted by modern developments. What each of their artworks offer is a visceral connection to a spiritual home. To examine their artworks from afar or intimately close up is to be mesmerized by one’s own mind.

The Yuns’ creations are not only aesthetically timeless but extraordinarily durable. Han-ji paper dating to the Sixth Century has been excavated in exceptional condition.

Jeong and Choon Yun have been exhibited internationally for years, in not only South Korea but also in France, Malaysia, New York, Japan, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and more.