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Gabriela AguilO

"I think of [these paintings] as inner landscapes. They are wide open 'big sky' images that speak of the indomitable nature of our souls."

Price range: $800 to $10,000


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Gabriela Aguiló

Gabriela Aguiló, an Argentinian painter, has lived most of her life in the US where she began her artistic career as a fashion designer for musical artists. After shifting to the life of a fine artist and working for fifteen years in stone sculpture Aguiló found that it was works on canvas that truly called to her. 

Aguiló worked for a number of years perfecting her current, and unique, medium combination of encaustic with gouache. The substantive surfaces of encaustic, pure color pigments added to precisely heated beeswax, combined with gouache, which can be diluted to the translucency of watercolor or used opaquely like oil, lends itself particularly well to the “inner landscapes” that Aguiló paints. 

She creates two distinct, though unified, bodies of work: The first, dream-like scenes that reference landscapes, are, as she describes them, “wide open ‘big sky’ images that speak of the indomitable nature of our souls. The color palette of each landscape is representative of a mood or feeling. The vertical lines reference a desire to move through life, becoming deeper. A forward push for consciousness.” Of her second body of work, swirling shapes with minimal colorations, she says, “For me this body of work is about the soul. These are images of what I see as vessels. The horizontal line that goes off the page on both sides shows that my soul is connected to every other soul. In our dreams water is the symbol for our feeling because it flows. The blue inside the vessel is water and symbolic of a willingness to feel all of my feelings, as I believe they are the map to how to live my life. The red in the middle is my passion and the fire that burns in me to express my voice. The other invisible ‘egg’ shapes are the archetypes and guides that are my companions.” 

Aguiló strives to balance the images and create a sense of movement that is symbolic of her efforts toward an evolution of consciousness, a vertical and forward push for growth. 

Gabriela Aguiló has exhibited her work nationally and internationally including Miami, New York, Chicago, London and throughout Europe.