Opening Reception Friday Evening, January 6, 2017, 5-8 pm

Lanning Gallery in Sedona, Arizona welcomes the New Year with an exhibition that showcases works that embody and celebrate new life, new energy, new perspectives and new beginnings as we all greet 2017 together. (see below)

Larry-Yazzie-LYLG4-Eternal-Flame-front Valerie-Ostenak-Moonlight-Vines-Neckpiece-Forged-Sterling-Silver Antonia-Gallegos-Madre-Mia-bronze

Highlights include “Moonlight Vines,” a new line of cold-forged sterling silver neckpieces, cuffs and earrings by award-winning jewelry artist Valerie Ostenak. Ostenak’s forged steel jewelry has already won her a Centurion Emerging Designer Award; she was one of six recipients from an international field. Ostenak has again been invited to “Artistar Jewels,” an invitational art jewelry exhibition in Milan, Italy, that she will attend this February.

Whether heat-forged or cold-forged, Ostenak’s jewelry embodies the strength of her metals even as they are transformed into sensuous lines and delicate forms. “In wearing my jewelry,” she notes, “women are declaring that they have empowered themselves to follow their passions. By taking the chance to present their hearts to the world and standing with graceful self-confidence that they are infinitely remarkable and valuable, they become an inspiration for others to live passionate lives.”

Two powerful new sculptures are just in from acclaimed sculptor Larry Yazzie: “Whirlwind,” of Italian alabaster on a base of polished granite, captures the swirling energy of those frequent visitors to Navajo land where the people see whirlwinds always as having purpose and reason. If a whirlwind takes something from you, it is not to be retrieved. “Eternal Flame,” of popsicle alabaster on a Tennessee marble base, relates to the emergence into being. Fire is honored in each Navajo ceremony as a Grandfather and is seen as a mirror of the big fire – the sun – and is respected as representing this ultimate energy and power.

Also new at Lanning Gallery are several new raku vessels from master raku artist Bob Smith. With stunning surfaces that reflect the reds of Sedona’s dynamic rocks, these vessels, in a variety of shapes and sizes, join the gallery’s collection of Bob Smith’s raku and saggar-fired vessels. New hand-turned pine vessels with turquoise inlay by artist Robert Cherry are in. Each of these one-of-a-kind vessels is a unique wonder, so refined they are often mistaken for glass. Small and medium sized works will join some of the largest vessels Cherry has ever created – truly magnificent pieces – as the gallery continues to feature these very popular works of art.

“Madre Mia,” a bronze sculpture from artist Antonia Gallegos, captures the soft folds of a mother’s embrace of her newborn. Without intricate detail, the form and style of Gallegos’s work captures all the love and devotion this iconic sculptural pairing brings – all the hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow for the ones who come after us.

Other new works and new directions, including hand-blown studio glass, bronze animals, paintings and more, await the New Year’s visitor to this 30-year-old Classic and Contemporary gallery. Stop in to the opening for “A New Year Begins” and greet the New Year with an appreciation of the arts and the artist. This exhibition runs through January 15th.

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