Opening Reception Friday Evening, September 2, 2016, 5-8 pm

Lanning Gallery in Sedona, Arizona opens a new exhibition that puts the focus on landscapes and on a variety of distinctive styles that interpret the natural world around us. 

Marshall-Noice-Deep-Blue-Pool-oil-on-canvas Anna-Pales-Untitled-904-mixed-media Gerald-Moore-Aster-Field-Variation
The exhibition includes hyper-Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism, and other-worldly impressions of landscape. Oils, acrylics and mixed media are represented. The Contemporary trees portrayed by artist Anna Pales are painted in acrylic on panel then built up with rich layers of resin, giving each a high-gloss finish; powdered gold-leaf is sometimes added to further heighten her images’ ethereal nature. To “portray nature’s endless beauty through its simplicity” is Pales’s continuing goal.

Artist Marshall Noice uses acrylics or pastels to create vibrantly colored Contemporary Expressionist landscapes in colors that capture emotion as easily as reality. As Noice explains, “Once the painting begins my most important job is to keep my intellect out of the way and let the painting happen. Since I'm not concerned with making a literal rendition of the scene but rather an accurate record of what I sensed when looking at the landscape … I don't need to make it look right. I need to make it feel right. Occasionally while I'm working on a painting in my studio I can almost smell the rain, feel the sun, or hear the wind. When that happens I know I'm on the right track.”

The acrylic paintings by Mark Gould present a fearless, virtuosic use of color, an expansive feeling of space and freedom, and bravura surfaces ranging from a mirror gloss to roughly built-up to rhythmically incised (which lends texture to his grasses and hay). His continuing series, “My Neighbor’s House,” presents rolling hills, patchworks of land and the shapes of rural homesteads in a powerful exploration of the American dream.

Hans Schiebold uses his own acrylic-based mixed media and unconventional tools as he thickly applies his media in abstract patches of color that merge together when viewed from afar to form complex scenes of heightened realism. "These are landscapes, but they are very process oriented," Schiebold explains. The representational style of Schiebold's landscape paintings continue to carry the influence of his early abstract paintings.

Intricately detailed oil paintings by Gerald Moore and boldly colored acrylic paintings by Johnathan Harris are included. Neo-primitivism and abstract symbolism combine in encaustic paintings by Slava TCH as he depicts landscapes at once both mythical and sacramental. Cynthia Reid incorporates elements of Expressionism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism in her rich landscapes of poppy fields, lily ponds and more, while artist Judith Monroe uses mixed media to capture the beauty of Sedona’s varied nature.

“Loving the Land” opens to celebrate our beautiful world and the sheer talent of gallery artists who capture it so well. Stop by Lanning Gallery to enjoy this newest exhibition which runs through September 11th.

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