Opening Reception Friday Evening, July 1, 2016, 5-8 pm

Lanning Gallery in Sedona, Arizona opens a new exhibition to showcase the unique techniques of artist Judith Monroe as she creates mixed media landscapes that literally bring nature onto her canvas.

Judith-Monroe-JDM23-Morning-Coffee Judith-Monroe-JDM36-Desert-Dance Judith-Monroe-JDM31-Jubilee-(CoffeePotRock)
It took a natural artistic evolution and disparate influences to bring Judith Monroe to her current means of artistic expression. She grew up under the influence of a highly artistic mother who taught her, at a young age, how to mix colors and draw in perspective. She took her first photography class at California State University in Sacramento where being in the darkroom and seeing her first print come up in the developer completely hooked her. It was an illustration professor who first encouraged her to incorporate photography with other media.

Judith Monroe worked as a photographer then a graphic artist before taking a couple of years off to have her children. But the distance from her artistic energy finally, in no uncertain terms, called her back. Monroe returned to the darkroom and, feeling that color films weren’t conveying what she felt and remembered from each scene of nature she strove to present, she began hand-coloring her photos, capturing the feelings of each place and the emotions she had felt there.

The traditional hand-coloring process led Judith Monroe to add visual layers to her photographs right in the darkroom with photograms (placing objects directly onto the surface of photographic paper then exposing it to light), she began mixing media onto the photographs using watercolors and pencils. This led to her current technique of coating a black and white print with an acrylic medium which, as it dries, pulls the ink out of the paper. The images on this transparent film are now the base of her mixed media paintings. Twigs and leaves may find their way within layers of acrylic glazes, pencil, wax pastels and a final coat of varnish that protects at all.

The resulting landscape imagery, with dominating photos that bleed into abstracted landscapes of color and texture, hidden elements of text and sketches waiting for viewers to discover, and multiple layers of physical materials all combine to capture an unmatched experience of nature. Her work has been featured in STYLE Magazine as well as on HGTV and has won numerous awards. Her images have been published by Recycled Paper Greetings and in the international publication, The Best of Photography Annual. Artwork by Judith Monroe is in public and private collections throughout the U.S.

Stop by Lanning Gallery to enjoy this newest exhibition. “Experience of Nature: The Art of Judith Monroe” runs through July 10th.

See additional paintings by Judith Monroe.

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