MICHAEL GRANT: Master Jeweler


Friday Evening, December 1, 2017, 5:00-8:00 pm

Artist Talk, 6:30 pm


The gallery is thrilled to welcome back Michael Grant for an annual holiday showcase of his latest works. Michael Grant will be on hand to meet visitors as he unveils his new pieces and gives a special Artist Talk all about turquoise. (read more below)

Grant-Group-Jacla-w-ring-earrings Michael-Grant-MG1299-Cuff-Blue-Cheyenne Michael-Grant-MG1205-Egyptian-Necklace-Fox-SS

The artist is one of the ever-diminishing number of jewelry artists who continue to hand-cut each and every one of their own beads. Specializing in all-natural, domestic turquoise Michael Grant has, over the thirty or so years he’s been working with turquoise, become immeasurably knowledgeable about this beautiful, and increasingly rare Southwest treasure. On 1st Friday, visitors to Lanning Gallery will be lucky to have the opportunity to learn from this true master what the market for turquoise is like today and what they need to know about turquoise itself.


With turquoise mines favored by collectors continuing to close, with formerly mined stashes of raw turquoise becoming depleted, and some new mines springing up, it’s more important than ever to know how to spot good turquoise. Values, in many cases, have rightly skyrocketed and a collector needs to understand what makes good turquoise good and what makes great turquoise great. And, quite frankly, which turquoise should simply not be considered. Over the last couple of years, the prices to obtain the highest quality turquoise reached its highest level ever.


“This increase in value, and unavailability, has caused a new demand,” Michael Grant explains. “There are endless different qualities of natural turquoise; the same mine can produce dozens of different valued gem qualities. And, there are many imitation and enhanced stones that shade the market with confusion. Never be afraid to ask questions and learn,” Grant adds. “The more turquoise you see and touch, the more you know. Turquoise can be such a wonderful, cumulative experience.”


Although turquoise is his true passion, Michael Grant also works with lapis, sugilite, coral, spiny oyster, and even rubies. Sterling silver and 14k or 18k gold are often featured, always hand-fabricated by Michael Grant. New necklaces, cuffs, pendants and earrings will be unveiled at this exhibition opening. Mark your calendar to attend the exclusive talk by Michael Grant at 6:30 on December 1st and enhance your knowledge and excitement for how exquisite turquoise can be.


This exhibition runs through the end of December.


View additional works by Michael Grant here.


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