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Jeong and Choon Yun: Master Paper Artists

“Jeong and Choon Yun: Master Paper Artists” opens in our gallery’s major spring exhibition to introduce the work of this husband and wife artist team. The Yuns, each a highly respected artist in their South Korea homeland, have joined their considerable talents and experience to produce a singular artform. In an inspired amalgam of ancient Asian papermaking techniques and modern Western abstraction, the Yuns create works of mesmerizing texture and composition.

Following the ancient tradition of Han-ji, Korean paper-making, the Yuns complete every stage of production themselves: return yearly to Korea to collect the bark of dac trees and process the pulp, ship it to their U.S. home, use the non-pigmented pulp to create the substrate of their works and add natural pigments to smaller batches to create the desired colorations for their glorious abstract imagery.

Offering this hand-on ancient and natural tradition to the viewer in the form of an abstraction for the Yuns provides a visceral experience of home. Not perhaps a literal “home,” but a yearning for origin, a connection to a spiritual home. To examine their artworks from afar or intimately close up is to be mesmerized by one’s own mind. Jeong and Choon Yun have been exhibited internationally for years, in not only South Korea but also in France, Malaysia, New York, Japan, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and more.

The Yuns’ creations are not only aesthetically timeless but extraordinarily durable. Han-ji paper dating to the Sixth Century has been excavated in exceptional condition.

A 1st Friday artist reception will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. April 5th, with a special artist demonstration presented throughout the evening. The exhibition lasts through April 21st.

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