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Gabriela Aguilo and Katharine Gould

The autumn art season begins boldly at Lanning with the introduction of two strong women artists. Though Gabriela Aguiló and Katharine Gould work in different mediums portraying disparate subject matter, both create works of great intensity and intrigue. At the gallery’s 1st Friday Artists’ Reception September 7th, from 5-8 p.m., visitors can meet both artists. 

Gabriela Aguiló gives an Artist Talk at 5:45 about her “inner landscapes” represented in two distinct styles as portrayals of her soul. One style are dream-like scenes that reference landscapes, the other are swirling abstracted elements, both created with her unique medium of encaustic with gouache. 

Katharine Gould gives an Artist Talk at 6:15 about her dynamic pastel works that place the imagery of human flight against the wide landscapes of their emotional and physical plight: “I have always been drawn and affected by human flight, in all its forms … from fear to safety, from isolation to intimacy, from anger to love, and from horror to the unknown.” 

Gabriela Aguiló, an Argentinian painter who has lived most of her life in the U.S., worked for fifteen years as a stone sculptor before turning to works on canvas. Symbolism is an important element in her paintings: “The vertical lines reference a desire to move through life, becoming deeper. A forward push for consciousness…. The horizontal line that goes off the page on both sides shows that my soul is connected to every other soul. … The blue inside the [vessels are] water and symbolic of a willingness to feel all of my feelings as I believe they are the map to how to live my life.” 

Katharine Gould also began her artistic life as a sculptor before turning to her current medium. “Pastel media consists of powdered pigment with a binder,” she explains. “Soft pastels, having the highest pigment concentration, produce highly saturated colors without reflection.… With pastels I can draw and paint at the same time, as I mix these powdered pigments on the paper, blending them into an endless range of colors and shades suited to my subject. Earth-like to the touch, I use my hands to mix and blend, rubbing out or layering colors one on top of the other.”

The opening of this new exhibition promises to be an evening of powerful art: moving, soul-searching, reflective and challenging – all those elements one wishes for in the most intriguing fine art. “Gabriela Aguiló and Katharine Gould” at Lanning, a Bryant Nagel Gallery, runs through September 23.

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