"Today, for me, life and painting are one. I have no desire to follow fashion; it has no value to me. In my art, the sea, the sky, woman and child are subjects of importance, eternity."


Price range: Starting at $1600

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Evgeni Gordiets

Surrealist phenomenon Evgeni Gordiets was scouted as a child prodigy at age five in his native Ukraine. In Kiev, he attended the National School of Fine Arts, received a Masters Degree in Fine Art from the State University of Fine Arts, and received a PhD in Fine Arts from the State Academy of Fine Art. As a Professor of Art, Evgeni Gordiets taught at the National Art University of Ukraine.

Gordiets’s award-winning work gained recognition as both museums and private collections took notice. On each canvas by Evgeni Gordiets his inner world is laid bare; luminous scenes, unlikely juxtapositions of seemingly disparate elements, capture our attention with their serene grace. A woman walks into a giant seashell. A bird carries a still life on its back. A fish the size of a boat swims in the waters of a blue, blue pool, the endless blue sea beyond. These are worlds and representations we have never precisely experienced before.

“In life, there are some things that last forever,” notes Gordiets; “in my work, I communicate this with the sky, water and stones." The natural beauty of Ukraine’s landscape surrounded Evgeni Gordiets in childhood and a profound sense of the natural world’s calm and stillness feeds the enchanted worlds Gordiets creates. 

The fine art created by Evgeni Gordiets bears the timeless inspiration of cultures far from his homeland: Master painters of the early Italian Renaissance are cited by the artist as is his love of Egyptian and classical Greek sculpture. One recognizes Vermeer in the worldly calm of his portraits and Magritte in certain elements of composition. The sweep of history Gordiets is drawn to in his art allows him to transcend our modern times and create timeless paintings that evoke a beautiful benevolence of spirit. 

Evgeny Gordiets, who now makes his home in the United States, has received accolades, awards and grants ranging from a 1st prize in United Nations exhibitions to a Top Artist Achievement Award of the Ukraine. His paintings are held in museums and private collections worldwide. 

Museum Collections:
Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Museum of Contemporary Art, Kieln, Germany
National Museum of Sevastopol, Ukraine
Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiev, Ukraine
Museum of Russian Art,Kiev, Ukraine
National Museum of Nikoleav, Ukraine
National Museum of Lutsk, Ukraine
National Museum of Herson, Zaporozhe, Ukraine
National Museum of Cherkasie, Ukraine
National Museum of Feadosia, Ukraine
National Museum of Hmelnitsk, Ukraine

1977 1st Prize Award Winner of art degree in United Nations’ Exhibtions
1982 1st Prize Winner of national Exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine
1986 Top Artist Achievement Award of Ukraine

Public & Private Collections:
The paintings of Evgeni Gordiets are held in public and private collections in the United States, Russia, France, Germany, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong.

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