Elisabett gudmann

“The imagery I create develops through layered complexity”


Price range: $2,900 to $8,800

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Elisabett Gudmann

International artist Elisabett Gudmann has spent the past two decades developing her unique process of working with metal. It is a process that is in continual evolution as the vision of this gifted artist only grows.

“Much of my inspiration comes from the medium itself,” Elisabett Gudmann notes. “I’m drawn to the inherent beauty and unique qualities of the metal.” Her innovative skills have led her to create proprietary formulas that she uses to produce unique patinas in the surfaces of her work. These chemical patinas provide the translucency of a surface aged by time while maintaining meticulous beauty in each piece.

“The imagery I create develops through layered complexity,” Gudmann explains; "[it is] a very time consuming and often chaotic and messy process of working with the acids and chemicals to create textures and patterns on the metal, often employing a reductive technique. I strive to evoke emotional charges through the interplay of color, texture, marks and form.”

Most work by Elisabett Gudmann is conceptual in nature, created within a formal panel structure with the visual result being a balance between painting and sculpture. “Multiple panel installations and varying panel depths are often used,” she adds, “giving the works additional presence and dimensionality.” It is the balance of artistic vision with an expert control over a complex process that produces compelling results in the work of Elisabett Gudmann. There is an influence of Abstract Expressionism in these contemporary works; references can be seen of both natural and man-made environments.

While her gallery pieces can range from roughly two feet to six feet high, Elisabett Gudmann has created site specific installations up to 55-feet wide and 12-feet tall in such diverse locations as Paris, France; Seoul, South Korea; New York, New York; and Palm Springs, California. The works of Elisabett Gudmann are in significant collections from New Delhi to Monte Carlo to San Francisco and New York.