An Exciting Autumn Season of Exhibition Openings!

After laying a bit low during the hot summer months, we are welcoming all our seasonal Sedona residents, and the added number of visitors Sedona sees in the autumn, with a series of very exciting exhibitions!

September 6th opens “Lance Yazzie: Modern Edge” and we’re very excited that Lance (whom we’ve represented since he was 16!) will be joining us and offering a talk to visitors. Lance creates both traditional and award-winning contemporary stone sculpture that reflects not only his Navajo culture but universal themes that touch us all. Lance had taken some time off from being a full-time artist to be a working single dad and is just now segueing back into the artist’s life - for which we and all his collectors are very grateful! And that’s said with the thorough agreement that parenthood always comes first!!

October 4th opens “Martin Blundell: The Western Land,” our first exhibition for this somewhat-new gallery artist. Martin, an accomplished landscape painter, captures the grand vistas, plateaus, rock faces and vast skies unique to Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Impasto brushwork and pallet knife application of oil paint define his work. Rich surface quality supported by saturated color is his hallmark. “Awareness is a beginning place for art making,” this masterful artist notes - and his paintings convince us that Martin must live aware of each nuance our beautiful land offers.

November 2nd opens “Seth Fairweather: Individual Voice” introducing gallery visitors to this exciting, innovative, and tremendously skilled new gallery artist. Fairweather’s artistic path has always been glass - with a sculptural focus. He has now evolved to incorporate more mixed media in many current works, including glass and metal. “The juxtaposition between the clarity of the glass and that heavy visual quality of the steel or cast bronze just sets up a nice conversation within the piece between the different materials,” he observes. You really must come see this work for yourself!

Each artist offers an Artist Talk at 5:45 p.m. during their opening reception which lasts from 5-8 p.m. on opening night. See you then!