Film Arts and Fine Art: An Inspired Union

After the smashing success of our February event for the Sedona International Film Festival (with plans already in place to repeat their late-night VIP reception here in 2019!) Lanning once again opened our doors to the film community and hosted a VIP reception for the ILLUMINATE Film Festival that just ended its 5-day festival on Sunday, June 3rd. “Dedicated to elevating human consciousness and inspiring lasting transformation through cinema, ILLUMINATE is the world's premier film festival for conscious cinema.” You can read more about them by clicking here. The Sedona Film Festival (SIFF), “now a 9-day, world-renowned event — has become a jewel in the crown of Sedona’s cultural life and the largest single event in the community.” While the festival itself is held over 9 exciting days in late February/early March each year, SIFF has its own theatre in Sedona which offers year-round films that continue to “expand its mission and contribute to the cultural fabric in Sedona.” With SIFF celebrating its 25th anniversary with the upcoming 2019 festival, Sedona is truly making its mark on the film festival world. Why don’t you consider visiting at that exciting and stimulating time? We’d love to see you! To read more about SIFF, click here. And to see photos from all the fun at both our special events, visit our Facebook page here.