New - And Thoroughly Fascinating - YouTube Videos Just Posted

Our autumn season is in full swing with September’s Lance Yazzie exhibition opening kicking things off! Lance gave a completely heartfelt Artist Talk about the unique path that led him from success and awards while still in his teens to the struggles he faced as a young man finding his way as an artist and as a dad. With tears in his eyes, the devotion he feels toward his beloved son and daughter (two well-raised and lovely young adults) was unmistakable and the joy and fulfillment Lance gains from pouring his heart into a stone sculpture was equally evident. Truly a remarkable piece of video for all of us who can relate to the need to balance an artistic heart with the challenges of the real world.


Also just posted are two videos with glass artist Peter Wright. In one he gives an Artist Talk during his exhibition opening - laying out his artistic path from a long-held career in commercial construction to the life of a skilled and successful glass sculptor. In the other video, recorded the day before, he gives viewers a tour of his gallery pieces, speaking about each in turn and explaining not only details of his process but his individual inspirations for each as well.



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An Exciting Autumn Season of Exhibition Openings

After laying a bit low during the hot summer months, we are welcoming all our seasonal Sedona residents, and the added number of visitors Sedona sees in the autumn, with a series of very exciting exhibitions!

September 6th opens “Lance Yazzie: Modern Edge” and we’re very excited that Lance (whom we’ve represented since he was 16!) will be joining us and offering a talk to visitors. Lance creates both traditional and award-winning contemporary stone sculpture that reflects not only his Navajo culture but universal themes that touch us all. Lance had taken some time off from being a full-time artist to be a working single dad and is just now segueing back into the artist’s life - for which we and all his collectors are very grateful! And that’s said with the thorough agreement that parenthood always comes first!!

October 4th opens “Martin Blundell: The Western Land,” our first exhibition for this somewhat-new gallery artist. Martin, an accomplished landscape painter, captures the grand vistas, plateaus, rock faces and vast skies unique to Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Impasto brushwork and pallet knife application of oil paint define his work. Rich surface quality supported by saturated color is his hallmark. “Awareness is a beginning place for art making,” this masterful artist notes - and his paintings convince us that Martin must live aware of each nuance our beautiful land offers.

November 2nd opens “Seth Fairweather: Individual Voice” introducing gallery visitors to this exciting, innovative, and tremendously skilled new gallery artist. Fairweather’s artistic path has always been glass - with a sculptural focus. He has now evolved to incorporate more mixed media in many current works, including glass and metal. “The juxtaposition between the clarity of the glass and that heavy visual quality of the steel or cast bronze just sets up a nice conversation within the piece between the different materials,” he observes. You really must come see this work for yourself!

Each artist offers an Artist Talk at 5:45 p.m. during their opening reception which lasts from 5-8 p.m. on opening night. See you then!

Check Out Artist Richard Bruland's Impressive Technique

Our exhibition opening for “Richard Bruland: Layers of Abstract” opens June 7th (see Exhibitions for details!) and during a recent gallery visit he did us the great favor of explaining his truly singular, labor-intensive, and mind-boggling technique. You can watch the video here:

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Our Galleries Have Finally Merged!

When our galleries were first acquired nearly two years ago by Thomas and Jennifer Bryant Nagel they brought a fresh approach and exciting plans for the future. First you noticed that our name “Lanning Gallery” changed to “Lanning, a Bryant Nagel Gallery” to reflect this next chapter. And, since it had long been the Bryant Nagel’s desire to present our Native American artists at Turquoise Tortoise in the same manner as Lanning’s other national and international artists - as gifted artists first and foremost - we now enter the next phase:

Our two galleries, Lanning, with its Contemporary and Classic Fine Art, and Turquoise Tortoise, with its Native American and Southwest Fine art and Fine Jewelry, have merged! Our new name is “Bryant Nagel Galleries”!

All of our artists are now presented together on equal footing - whether Ukrainian, South Korean, Native American, German, Canadian, or other American artists. Each has a remarkable story to tell, one that draws upon their own individual cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Each as unique and significant as the next.

It will take a little while for all information to merge, for you to see our new umbrella website that will bring all of the gallery’s site content together. In the meantime, Bryant Nagel Galleries can be reached for further information at 928-282-6865,, and We are still located at Hozho, 431 S.R. 179, Sedona, AZ, and are open daily from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Come check out our newly merged gallery for yourself!

Sophia Yang is our Gallery Director and she brings a wealth of experience and good spirits to her position and is here to assist you!

Sedona is Gorgeous in the Snow!

We want to thank all of you for your patience - we had no choice but to close for two days while northern Arizona experience record-breaking snows! Our staff lived in areas that received from 6 inches (in a nearby town without a handy snowplow!) to over 12 inches (here in Sedona) to over three feet up in Flagstaff. At least one large, snow-laden tree fell across 89A causing that roadway through the canyon to close and the other highways (large and small) experienced periodic closures too. But all is open again!

Our parking lot is plowed and visitors are visiting as everyone comes out of our enforced hibernation to enjoy the sights. Our surrounding red rocks are beautiful every day but it is a special treat to see them laden with snow!

See you soon …

What is a Monotype?

With our upcoming exhibition "Randall LaGro: Light Out of Darkness" we thought this a good opportunity to make certain that everyone knows just what a monotype is!

Although technically called a print because of the transfer process, a monotype is unique among print mediums in that it is a one-of-a-kind art piece.

It is also a medium that, due to its process, must have its image created very quickly – before the ink dries. This is a requirement that perfectly suits the intuitive nature of artist Randall LaGro. As he explains his process: "Working with my own mixed blacks or a variety of brown tones reminiscent of the turn of the century sepia tone photographs, I begin by laying a thin layer of ink on the Plexiglas [plate] with a rubber roller. I work intuitively, drawing from the well of the subconscious, wiping ink away which when printed will be the white of the paper. Developing my own tools when necessary, I use brushes, Q-tips, rags and my fingers, making marks, then pulling away seeing shapes appear and finishing an image, shaping form from chaos, pulling lights out of darkness, inviting viewers to open the door to their wanderings, imaginations and dreams."

A monotype, in its essence, is simply a painting, painted on a metal or Plexiglas plate, all while the ink is still wet and workable. The ink, already laid down, is pulled away to create images, rather than laid down to create the images. And, the image is painted in reverse: the right side becomes the left side; the left side, the right. This painting is then transferred by laying paper over the plate and running it through an etching press. One time.

It is a particularly gifted artist who can see what is hidden and reveal it rather than lay an image down onto a white canvas. There is a decided psychological gravity that comes from viewing an image that has emerged from darkness rather than light.

Or, as Randall LaGro puts it: "Piercing the darkness, points of light, longing and hope."

That is the artistic gift of a monotype.

Check Out Our YouTube Channel for 3 New Videos

We just added three new videos to our YouTube channel and invite you to enjoy each one of them! These new ones are from our September 7th exhibition opening when we welcomed two powerful new women artists to our gallery: Gabriela Aguilo and Katharine Gould.

As we feature new exhibitions each month, we will most always also have the artist give an Artist Talk during the opening reception - and we will make a video to share with everyone who could not attend in person! It’s always so fascinating and informative to hear the artist themselves speak about their work, about their inspirations and techniques.

Click HERE to view the Lanning Gallery YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Film Arts and Fine Art: An Inspired Union

After the smashing success of our February event for the Sedona International Film Festival (with plans already in place to repeat their late-night VIP reception here in 2019!) Lanning once again opened our doors to the film community and hosted a VIP reception for the ILLUMINATE Film Festival that just ended its 5-day festival on Sunday, June 3rd. “Dedicated to elevating human consciousness and inspiring lasting transformation through cinema, ILLUMINATE is the world's premier film festival for conscious cinema.” You can read more about them by clicking here. The Sedona Film Festival (SIFF), “now a 9-day, world-renowned event — has become a jewel in the crown of Sedona’s cultural life and the largest single event in the community.” While the festival itself is held over 9 exciting days in late February/early March each year, SIFF has its own theatre in Sedona which offers year-round films that continue to “expand its mission and contribute to the cultural fabric in Sedona.” With SIFF celebrating its 25th anniversary with the upcoming 2019 festival, Sedona is truly making its mark on the film festival world. Why don’t you consider visiting at that exciting and stimulating time? We’d love to see you! To read more about SIFF, click here. And to see photos from all the fun at both our special events, visit our Facebook page here.

Watch Here: Artist Interview with Ted CoConis

A large and excited turn-out of art collectors and art lovers attended our May 4th opening for artist Ted CoConis. If you weren't able to attend or wish to re-visit that magical evening, Click Here to view our Artist Interview presentation with the acclaimed Hall of Fame illustrator and fine artist Ted CoConis, led by Dr. Jennifer Bryant Nagel.