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Frank-EZF31-Kissing-Birds-Union-Series Frank, EZF22, Bird boy Sunflower,, w Frank-EZF28-Love-Bird-Angel Frank-EZF29-Leaf-Crown-Angel

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Elizabeth Frank head shotElizabeth Frank is interested in both absurd and poignant aspects of the human condition; as she states it, “the facets of the human experience which remain constant in a constantly changing world.”

For Elizabeth Frank, each piece of artwork begins as a fallen aspen branch or a piece of reclaimed wood. At least once a year the artist makes a pilgrimage to the mountains of the southwestern United States to gather the materials she will use over the course of the following year.

“Whenever I return to the aspen forest to collect wood I am awed by the strength and the delicacy of the natural world. I try to incorporate these observations into my work,” Elizabeth Frank says. Urban scrap piles provide their own offerings as do flea markets and junk shops. The artist, a scavenger at heart, considers the found items she chooses for a piece, from antique ceiling tin to broken furniture to old silverware, to be as important as those from nature. By layering many odd pieces together the life of each artwork unfolds.

Elizabeth Frank received a BFA from Arizona State University and spent several years decorating sets for the film industry before focusing exclusively on her artwork. Her work has been exhibited from California to Maine and is included in numerous private and corporate collections.

The surface of each piece by Elizabeth Frank is worked with a combination of acrylic paint, metal leaf and wax. Frank explains her process: “In my studio I combine the aspen with broken, discarded and distressed materials. I use found materials as visual metaphors, often choosing objects which speak to me of decay and resurrection, cultural trends, history and myth. Through the combination of organic and found elements I allude to the human impact upon the environment, the transience of earthly things, and the process of change.”


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