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Anna Pales

“I am a painter. I believe art is the most forceful and clear way to communicate.”


Price range: $1,980 to $6,200


The elegant and unique paintings by artist Anna Pales are a result of painstaking development of both style and technique. Pales creates Contemporary landscapes and still lifes painted in acrylic on panel then built up with rich layers of resin, giving each a high-gloss finish. At times, she paints with powdered gold-leaf to further heighten the other-worldliness of her images.

Anna Pales, from an early age, found it fascinating that man has always surrounded himself with art. As art became a way to express herself, her own art career became certain: A full scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago began her path in earnest; she attended while simultaneously attending the University of Chicago. Initially, her outlets were sculptures and oil paintings but, as her experience grew so did her ability to define her artistic expression through the development of her current approach to the mediums she uses. Added dimension was her sought for, and achieved, result.

Experiencing firsthand the power of art to communicate for her so thoroughly, Anna Pales single-handedly founded the “Expression through Art” division of the “Artist in Residence Program” in Chicago’s public and private schools, fostering successful expression through art for countless others.
Today, Anna Pales devotes a large portion of her home to a studio where, at any hour of the day or night, she can be found painting. She generally works on one piece at a time, from one week to two months for each. Her goal is to “portray nature’s endless beauty through its simplicity, whether expressed through a single piece of fruit or a rolling landscape.” An earnest love and appreciation of nature began early, on road trips as a child with her family, and continued through road trips as an adult with her own family, watching trees zip by her car windows – thinking they seemed so similar, yet knowing they each stood as individuals. Now these trees are immortalized by Anna Pales in Contemporary paintings that capture equally a reality of the land and of the mind.

Whether her images are rooted in still life form or landscape, they frequently defy categorization as either or both. Images by Anna Pales provoke thought and challenge viewers to define their reality. Anna Pales has had numerous group and individual shows nationwide; her work has been exhibited in museums and her innovative paintings have been recognized not only throughout the United States but in Great Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.