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Alexendra Nechita

"I don't remember when I became obsessed with color, only that color has always been my deepest motivation to express myself. Through color, I spoke a language that appealed to everyone. I could communicate my deepest feelings and wonder freely and openly."


Price range: $2,750 to $14,500

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Alexandra Nechita

World-renowned artist Alexandra Nechita burst onto the art scene at nine years of age. Today, she has grown well beyond the initial title of the “Petite Picasso” as the world had universally referred to her. She is a master artist in her own right.

Born in Romania shortly after her father had managed to escape the Communist nation, Alexandra Nechita was two years old by the time she and her mother were able to join him in the United States. By two years old she was already working with pen and inks; by age five watercolors had become her medium and by her seventh birthday, Alexandra Nechita had advanced to oil paints and acrylics. The resultant dynamic and colorful Cubist style paintings led to her first solo exhibition at eight years old and by nine she had become an international child-prodigy sensation.

Art critics and the media were in equal awe of her talents, of the depth and vision portrayed on each canvas. This support and recognition led to a celebrity that never turned the head of this devoted artist. Throughout her life Alexandra Nechita has kept her focus on perpetuating a message of worldwide hope and peace. Her accolades were as disparate as “Woman of the Year” recognition by the American Red Cross in 1996 (at age 11), one of “The Most Fascinating Women of the Year” by CBS TV three years later, “20 Teens Who Will Change the World” by Teen People Magazine in 2004, “Peace Builders” Award from the Western Justice Center in 2008, and this is only a very partial list.

The 1996 book “Outside the Lines” celebrates the art and remarkable story of Alexandra Nechita. “Hands and Dove,” published in 2005, contains essays by world-renowned art historians about the art of Alexandra Nechita; included is a narrative by the artist as well as photos of her paintings, drawings, sculpture and glass works. Proceeds from the book are being donated to Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Fund to fight AIDS.

Designs by Alexandra Nechita were chosen for a set of legal tender commemorative coins entitled, “Peace Is the Only Option!” Struck in pure gold, silver and platinum, the designs were specially approved by Queen Elizabeth II whose effigy also adorns the coins. In 2005, Alexandra Nechita presented her massive 16-foot-tall bronze monument entitled “Let There Be Peace” to the people of Singapore. Nechita is creating seven monuments in all – one for each continent on Earth.

Always committed to furthering her vision and talents, Alexandra Nechita graduated, in 2008, with a Fine Arts degree from UCLA. In 2014 she married.

Alexandra’s work has been displayed throughout the world, including exhibitions in Romania, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, France, England, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand. Her art is in the collections of dozens of museums worldwide, including the Vatican Collection in Rome and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Alexandra’s work is also in the private collections of dozens of celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Calvin Klein, Whoopi Goldberg and David Letterman.