Our Gallery Owners

It takes a grand passion for art to enter the Sedona art scene as boldly as have gallery owners Thomas and Jennifer Bryant Nagel. Lanning, over thirty-one years, had grown to over 3700 square feet and with over 50 artists had gained the distinct reputation as the finest Classic and Contemporary gallery in Sedona, Arizona. With an absolute appreciation for and recognition of the foundation laid for them, the Bryant Nagels, avid art-lovers, acquired Lanning in mid-2017 and are dedicated to continuing the gallery’s strong legacy as they usher in the years and decades to come.
Thomas Bryant Nagel, with passions in photography and sculpture, received Bachelor Degrees in both Advertising and Photography from Northern Arizona University (NAU) as well as an Associate Degree in Computer Sciences. He serves as the Chief Operating Officer guiding day-to-day gallery operations. Dr. Jennifer Bryant Nagel received her MFA from Notre Dame and holds a PhD in English Literature. With a two-year post as a lecturer at NAU in 2017-2018 she offered four courses each semester in subjects that include Women’s Literature and Theory as well as American Gothic Fiction. From a family of art collectors, and serving as the gallery's Chief Executive Officer, she strongly believes that “art is that thing that makes us human.” Jennifer and Thomas look forward to raising their young daughter, Evelyn, with that same orientation to life, to surrounding her with the gallery’s art and teaching her, by example that you really can get up each day and do something you love.

Our Director

Sophia Yang comes to Lanning with a wealth of experience having managed and directed both fine jewelry and fine art galleries for years. She and her husband, Max, relocated to Sedona in the summer of 2018 from Las Vegas where, for nine years, Sophia served as store manager or director at three major luxury fine jewelry brands. Prior to that Sophia and Max lived in Hawaii where she worked for eleven years at a Maui fine art gallery; for nine of those years serving as director (simultaneously) for two of their five locations. While she studied Japanese for two years to better communicate with that wide demographic in Hawaii, Sophia’s native Mandarin served her well in Las Vegas with that city being a frequent destination for Chinese visitors. Sophia herself was born and raised in Taiwan. Surprisingly, her language skills have already come in handy in Sedona!